Founder of ABASEEN  

Mr. Malik M. Siddiq in 1948 started his business career at the age of 19 as a Cotton Merchant and soon he was on the top of the trading circle. Mr. Malik established a Cotton Ginning, Pressing and Surgical Wool Factory in 1953. He traveled extensively since 1949 and was the only delegate from Pakistan to attend the 50th Anniversary of Cotton Association held in Spain in 1950.

As he was always directed towards business development and diversification, in 1963 Mr. Malik established and owned an Integrated Sea Food Freezing Factory along with a fleet of Fishing Trawlers.

There was again an addition to his business line in 1970 and he started Aerial Spray of Crops continuing this business for 6 years. The Aerial Spray of crops was conducted by 03 Agricultural Aircrafts “Agtruck” purchased from Cessna, USA.

In 1976, Mr. Malik discontinued the Aerial Spray business after a change in the Government Policy and laid the foundation of Abaseen, and took over the charge as the Managing Director of Abaseen Int'l (Pvt.) Ltd. in 1980, with the ownership of the company resting in the hands of the family.

Mr. Malik passed away in 1997 leaving behind his forever presence in Abaseen Int'l (Pvt.) Ltd. today being managed competently by his successors.

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